Typical Tuesday

Since today was stormy, I decided to invite Mom to sit down and do some light reading with me.  (FYI, I know the alphabet and can read and do simple addition.)

Typical  Tuesday 1After we had read for a while, and I had eaten my dinner, I decided to let Mom know that I was in a good mood and ready for play.

Typical Tuesday 2

After this invitation, I encouraged her to help me “work up a poop”.

Typical Tuesday 3






Typical Tuesday 3 - Copy





Mom stalled taking me outside until it stopped raining because she didn’t want to get wet.

Typical Tuesday 4

I decided that she would look better wet, so I dragged her under a tree so I could do my business.  The breeze knocked tons of rain off the leaves and all over her!

Yup.  Just a typical Tuesday!



Hoping for Disaster!

In a previous post, I mentioned the flat bread that I make.  Geordie has taken a real liking to the bread and won’t let me eat it in peace.  Last night, I made a batch and was surprised to find a smiley face on the bottom of one when I turned it over!  (I couldn’t do that again if I tried.)


100_2104 (800x600)

What you can’t see here is just past the edge of the table there are two huge eyes staring up at the plate, hoping for disaster!