Howlaween: Schreck

Did you know that in German, Schreck means “fright”?

The year, for Halloween, I decided to make a little ogre tunic for Geordie.  In real life, he looked adorable in it, but the photos didn’t turn out as nicely as I had hoped.  What didn’t help was that we had a freak warm spell right before Halloween, and the last thing my pup wanted to do was wear clothes.  If he looks disgusted in his pictures, it is because he was.

Cairn Terrier in ogre tunic

Cairn Terrier wears ogre tunic.

Cairn Terrier begs to be let out of his ogre costume!

Quit lookin’ at my man fur!

Howlaween – B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Sporran)

For Geordie’s first few Halloweens, I dressed my pup in costumes that people thought were gender confusing for him.  So, for his next Halloween, I wanted to make something for him that was decidedly masculine.  What should that be?  Hmmm…

Ah yes!  Terriers come from Scotland…why not traditional Scottish garb!

kilt 9 - Copy -sm

kilt 15 - Copy


IMG_4237 - Copy

IMG_4237 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Geordie always has such a martyred look when I ask him to pose in his costumes.