Nobody Know the Trouble I’ve Caused!

Doggie in prison.

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve caused!

Today I am in the doghouse because I found cat crap outside and ate it. Even after Mom told me to spit it out and drop it. Then we came inside, and while she was trying to check her email, I a) found paintbrushes with paint still on them and tried to play with them, b) got the rubber bumper strip off of the air purifier and brought it over by Mom’s feet to chew c) pushed Mom’s slippers waaaaay under the bed so that she couldn’t reach them d) tried to sniff Mom’s wool yarn, then tried to stick her knitting needles up my nose and e) got a tissue out of the trash and tore it up all over the bedroom. Oh yes, and last night I wanted to go out and pee at 4 am when it was -8 outside.

Mom says she can’t wait for there to be a thaw so that she can walk some of this energy out of me

Then and Now

As Geordie and I visited the lake, I tried to recreate some pictures from that first trip.  Sort of a “Then and Now” project.Cairn terrier sits on cobbled road.

Cairn Terrier sits on cobbled path.

On the cobbled path.

Cairn terrier in front of war memorial.

Here is puppy Geordie sitting in front of the war memorial.

Adult Cairn terrier at war memorial.He wasn’t feeling as reverent today.

Cairn terrier sits in front of war memorial.Cairn terrier sits on memorial bricks in front of war monument.

I did finally get him to sit down, though.

Visiting the Lake

After I found out that Geordie may be getting a little brother – but before I became comfortable with the idea – I worried that Geordie may not get enough attention once the little one came along.  In an effort to assuage my guilty feelings, I decided to give him one last really great day by himself.

When Bitey was a baby, I took him on an outing that covered going to the bank, then the pet store, then finally the lake.  He was the most excited that I had ever seen him.  This past Autumn, we recreated that eventful day.

The lake and the walking path.This is the lake with the walking path and the colorful Autumn foliage.

Little dog sniffs grass.

This is Bitey’s response to the beauty of nature:  sniffing some grass.

Lake with split rail fence.

Look, Geordie!  Look at the beautiful water!  Smell that fresh air!

Cairn terrier sniffs some leaves.

Geordie’s response:  Leave me alone.  I’m sniffing leaves.