53 Degree Walk

Our weather warmed up recently from -5 to a nice, solid 53 degrees.  For the humans, it was a pleasantly cool day.  For my puppy, however, this change was more than he could handle.

Stubborn puppy going for a walk.

We found ourselves near a snow pile that the plows left after the last snowfall.  This is what Bitey did.

Dog melts on top of snow pile.

More Kilts? Noooo!!!

Dog is frightened as his Mom takes out her sewing supplies.

More kilts? Nooooo!!!

Recently, I got an order to make a pair of kilts for some little doggies whose Mom is getting married.  When Geordie saw me take out my fabric and my tape measure, he flew out of the room.  I guess my boy is tired of having silly costumes made for him!

Tuxedo kilt for dogs.  Twin Tuxedo Kilts for Terriers

Black Watch Plaid Tuxedo Kilt for Terriers