Geordie Was A Little Dog

Geordie was a little dog

whose fur was

brown and dirty.

Then one day

he got a bath,

now with the girls

he’s flirty!

Puppy in a tub.

Geordie has a sweet girlfriend

She’s such a pretty lass!

When in the street

the two do meet

he loves to sniff her….


Black dog and white dog sniff tails.

(Why?  What did you think I was going to say?)

Why Humans Shouldn’t Go Commando, or How Gutchies Can Save Your Life

A word of warning for those of you who might consider "going commando".

Recently, a friend in Canada told a story about a young woman out errand running.  The young woman was wearing short shorts that were so scanty that her hiney was hanging out in the back.  What really caught people’s attention, though, was that something was sticking to said hiney.  Upon closer examination, it was found to be a fully engorged tick.  (Mind you, it takes several days for a tick to fill up!)

Then, last night, a mosquito managed to get inside of Mommy’s clothes.  It crawled up her pant leg and bit her along the edge of her undergarments.  Now she has a bunch of itchy welts “where the sun don’t shine”… and she can’t scratch (at least not in polite company).

big laugh This should serve as warning to all those who go commando – sometimes it is better to have your privates covered up so critters don’t get them!

That is not true.  I do not wear grannie panties!

Living A Life of Dreams

I’m living a life of dreams

Living a life of dreams

With good puppies all around me,

I’m living a life of dreams.

Life of Dreams 1 - Copy

I’m lying quietly.

I’m lying here quietly.

Hoping they go to sleep soon,

I’m lying quietly.

Puppies play and fight on Mom's bed at night.

They play

and fight,

all through the night,

but their arfs are telling me nice stories.


I lie here

till the dawn breaks

then I slow-ly

re-a-lize it’s


only a life of dreams,


dreams, dreams……..

Who knew it was going to be so hard to find you a little brother?